West End Apple Brandy 7YO


A sipping brandy with all Ohio grown apples, fermented on-premise and distilled twice.


This sipping brandy starts with all Ohio grown apples, primarily from three southeastern Ohio family orchards. Apple varieties include sweets, bitter-sweets, and always a few bitter-sharps thrown in. These apples ferment on-premise and are then distilled twice; first through our pair of 50 gallon pot stills, then finished through our 150 gallon column still. Ages vary, but all sit for a spell in recently dumped barrels for 2-7 years. 40% ABV/80 Proof, 750mL bottle.

Serial #’s 1-190 = 7 year aged in used 15 gallon freshly dumped bourbon barrels

Bottles of spirits may be picked up at West End Distillery ONLY. We are not permitted to deliver or sell spirits by the bottle at West End Ciderhouse.


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