Choose from Ciders, Cysers, or Cider Cocktails!

  • Kelly’s Dry: curently Enterprise apples, fermented to complete dryness
  • Zingiber: ginger lemon infused cider, semi-sweet
  • Blue Rose: fresh blueberry, rosehips, hibiscus, citrus peel
  • B-Yard: semi-sweet with fresh cider and sugar added for sweetness
  • Cherry: fresh tart red cherry infused cider, semi-dry
  • Cider 75: dry cider, gin, lemon, semi-dry
  • Blue Rose Collins: Blue Rose cider, vodka, lemon, simple; sweet
  • Pineapple Sauce: Fresh pineapple, hibiscus, pepper infused cider
  • Skadi’s Cyser: blend of mead (honey wine) and cider infused with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg; sweet

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