Vodka from Grapes

40% ALC/VOL80 Proof750 mL

vodka distilled from grapes (seasonal)

Our goal is to use ingredients from growers we know, the closer to home the better, whenever possible. This Vodka is distilled from Vidal grapes, half of which were grown a few ridges over at Shade Winery. The other half were grown in Republic, Ohio at Dead Drop Vineyards.

This ultra-smooth vodka is made from Vidal pomace to be exact. Pomace is the combination of pulp, skins, and seeds left over after the initial pressing of the grapes. We take the pomace from Shade Winery after their annual pressing and add fresh water back. We let this mixture sit overnight and press again. This juice is then fermented in our temperature-controlled 200-gallon tanks to produce a notable “small wine”. We distill this wine first to 45% alcohol in our “stripping” still and then to 95% in our “rectification” still. The final touch is to bring this back to 80 proof, a “beverage” level of alcohol, by blending with our own pure reverse osmosis water. Grape fermentations produce such a wonderful, clean wine, and it makes for an incredibly smooth vodka. It is not easy to pick out the grape character, though, but is fun to compare the differences with our Grain-based Vodka!

West End Distillery - Product - Vodka from Grapes

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