• Cowdery Farms out of Long Bottom, Ohio supply us with non-gmo, open-pollinated varieties.
  • Starline Organics from Guysville, Ohio supply us with their 100% organic variety.

These are the only two corn producers we use!


Our mission is to use ingredients from growers we know, the closer to home the better. We use Vidal pomace for our vodka distilled from grapes. Pomace is the combination of pulp, skins, and seeds left over after the initial pressing of the grapes.

  • Shade Winery and their post-pressing Vidal grapes provide about half of the amount we use.
  • Dead Drop Vineyards in Republic, Ohio provide the other half.


In our part of the world here in southeastern Ohio, there is a lot of community spirit and support for locally produced foods and beverages. Locally and sustainably raised fruits, veggies, greens, chickens, eggs, milk, swine, corn, etc… and the possible products derived from all these, keep the community alive and well-fed! This love of local products even brought about a festival celebrating the Ohio State Native Fruit, The Ohio Pawpaw Festival!


Distillery owner Kelly Sauber been a friend of Chris Chmiel of Integration Acres for many years now. Chmiel has been our supplier for the papaw in our wheat beer for over a decade. As we were working out our formulation for our Gin, we went to Chris for advice, knowing he is a gin guy. “Spicebush,” he said. That’s where it all started. We grow our spicebush on our farm, 12 miles south of Athens.


We use Organic 2-Row Malted Barley from Briess in Chilton, Wisconsin as a “helper” grain, providing the enzymes necessary to extract the sugar from corn’s starchy endosperm.

Coffee Beans

We begin our coffee liqueur with Café Femenino beans from Peru. Café Femenino is a women’s empowerment organization developed to help women coffee producers overcome abuse, poverty, and gender inequality. These beans, which are imported by Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO), are roasted by Silver Bridge Coffee in Gallipolis, Ohio to the specs of Athenian Constantine Fallers’ company, Dawn Chorus.


The Shade Winery shrubbery, we like to say with our favorite Python accent, provides the elderberries for our elderberry brandy. Drive past all the Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Vidal vines, and there it is, in all its glory on the hill overlooking the pond.

Dovetail Solar and Wind
Cowdery Farms
Athens’ Own
Shade Winery
Integration Acres
Briess Malts