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Our mission at West End Distillery (formerly Fifth Element Spirits) is to use the finest, locally-sourced fruits, grains, roots, and herbs to produce top-shelf spirits and that embody flavors and styles uniquely Appalachian. After a long renovation & permit process, we began production in 2019, a block from the West End Ciderhouse, in the westside neighborhood of Athens, Ohio.

Walk-in or order online: snacks, cider, spirits and cocktails to go!

Carry Out & Delivery Orders

Due to the recent rise in coronavirus cases in our area, we have voluntarily decided to close our patios and revert to our carryout and delivery only sales plan. We encourage you to check out our current menu options at the before you walk-in; the menu is updated weekly and reflects what is generally available but items are rotated and may very from what is on the online menu. Our online ordering option offers contact free payments and scheduled pickup or delivery of product from both the West End Ciderhouse and West End Distillery.

Masks are required on our properties at all times.


For tours, impromptu retail and wholesale purchases, and other questions, please contact us.

Our Products

Vodka from Grapes

40% ALC/VOL | 80 Proof | 750 mL

vodka distilled from grapes (seasonal)

Our mission is to use ingredients from growers we know, the closer to home the better. This Vodka is distilled from Vidal grapes, half of which were grown a few ridges over at Shade Winery. The other half were grown in Republic, Ohio at Dead Drop Vineyards.

This ultra-smooth vodka is made from Vidal pomace to be exact. Pomace is the combination of pulp, skins, and seeds left over after the initial pressing of the grapes. We take the pomace from Shade Winery after their annual pressing and add fresh water back. We let this mixture sit overnight and press again. This ...

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Vodka from Grapes


45% ALC/VOL | 90 Proof | 750 mL

I’ve been a friend of Chris Chmiel of Integration Acres for many years now. Chmiel has been my supplier for the papaw in my wheat beer for over a decade. As I was working out my formulation for our Gin, I went to Chris for advice, knowing he is a gin guy. “Spicebush,” he said. That’s where it all started.

Lindera benzoin, commonly known as spicebush or even Appalachian allspice, is a native shrub to our parts and seemed a natural fit. As the common name implies, the berries of this understory woody plant, have a wonderful, rich and spicy, flavor and aroma, similar to the ...

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