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Ciderhouse Drafts

Kelly’s Dry
Cider. Single variety Enterprise apples, fermented to complete dryness
7.9%price varies
Cider. Semi-sweet. Enterprise apples fermented to dry then back sweetened with fresh Goldrush apple juice
6.9%price varies
Cider. Semi-sweet. Ginger Lemon infused cider
6.9%price varies
Skadi’s Cup Cyser
Cyser. Semi-sweet. Apple pie spices infused in a blend of our cider and mead
10.4%price varies
Pineapple Sauce
Cider. Semi-sweet. Pineapple, Hibiscus, Chilie
6.5%price varies
Peach Melba
Cider. Semi-sweet, peach, nectarine and raspberry infused cider with a hint of vanilla
6.1%price varies
Double Berry
Cider. Semi-sweet, fresh blackberry and blueberry infused cider
5.5%price varies
Cider. Our dry cider infused with fresh strawberries, semi-sweet, 7% alc. by vol.
7%price varies

Guest Drafts

Jackie O’s (Athens) Hell Bettie’s Porter
Beer. Imperial Porter fermented with all natural raspberry puree, conditioned on cacao
8.5%price varies

All cocktails made with 2 oz. spirits pour, fresh fruit juices, house-made syrups, infusions & bitters.

Featured Cocktails

Apple Hot Toddy
Bourbon | Genepy | Pommeau | turbinado | fresh lemon
price varies
Chai Hot Toddy
Bourbon | Chai Infused Honey | fresh lemon
price varies
Margarita en Fuego
Grilled Pineapple Infused Mezcal | Cointreau | Ancho Verde Liqueur | fresh lime | simple syrup
price varies
Winter Old Fashioned
Cleveland Whiskey Spiced Bourbon | Fernet Branca | house made orange bitters and vanilla extract

Classic Cocktails

Gin and Tonic
Eleven Square Gin | Jack Rudy Classic Tonic
price varies
Rye | Cocchi di Torino | Angostura & Orange Cardamom bitters: Woodford Rye $9.25 / Bulleit Rye 6.25
Moscow Mule
Eleven Square Vodka | fresh ginger & lime | hopped grapefruit bitters
price varies
Old Fashioned
Bourbon | Turbinado | Angostura & orange cardamom bitters
price varies

Cider Cocktails

Cider 75
Fifth Element Gin | Dry Cider | fresh lemon
Cider Collins
Fruited cider spiked with Eleven Square Vodka, fresh lemon and simple syrup
Cider Margarita
A classic margarita with El Jimador tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime and a fruited cider topper

Red & White Wine

Oyster Bay
Red Wine. New Zealand | Pinot Noir | $15.50/bottle
White Wine. Pinot Grigio | $13.25 bottle