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Ciderhouse Drafts

Kelly’s Dry Ohio Blend
Cider. Ohio apples, yeast. No preservatives. Unfiltered. The base for all of our ciders
Cider. Semi-sweet. Ohio apple blend fermented to dry then back sweetened with fresh Ohio blend apple juice
Cider. Semi-sweet. Fresh ginger and lemon added post fermentation for a zingy-tangy year round biz
Cider. Our dry cider infused with English Breakfast black tea
Strawberry Rose
Cider. A blend of fresh strawberry, hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass infused cider
Cherry Tart
Cider. A semi-sweet, tart red cherry infused cider
Circle B Mead
Mead. Wine made from honey from Circle B Apiary

Guest Drafts & Cans

Founder’s Solid Gold
Beer. Can, Lager, brewed from corn, lemondrop hops, bright and sessionable
Guinness (IRE)
Beer. Irish dry stout, draught, simply light and delicious all year
Jackie O’s Mystic Mama
Beer. Draft, West Coast Style IPA
Jackie O’s Razz Wheat
Beer. Can, fruited wheat ale, dry finish
Jackie O’s Who Cooks for You
Beer. Can, Hazy Pale Ale
North Coast Scrimshaw
Beer. Can, Pilsner
North High Cucumber Blonde Ale
. Draft, A crisp blonde ale infused with cold-pressed organic cucumbers
Original Sin Black Widow
Cider. Can, blackberry cider
Weasel Boy Bitter Sable
Beer. Draft, Imperial Black IPA

Featured Cocktails

Aperol Spritz
Low ABV option with Aperol and dry cider
West End Spicebush Gin, Citron Sauvage, fresh lemon, wild black-raspberry syrup
Cider Collins
Eleven Square Vodka, Ciderhouse Pomegranate Cider, fresh lemon and simple syrup
Cider Margarita
El Jimador tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime and a house Strawberry Rose cider topper
Gordon’s Breakfast
Eleven Square Dry Gin, fresh lime and cucumber, Cholula, Worcestershire, simple, salt, pepper
Margarita en Fuego
Grilled pineapple infused El Silencio Mezcal, Cointreau, Ancho Verde Liqueur, lime, simple syrup
Melonshed Cooler
Watershed Bourbon, Ancho Reyes, watermelon, lemon, mint, Hellfire bitters
House cold brew coffee, Giffard's Aperitif syrup, Jack Rudy Tonic, fresh lime, soda
Porch Swing
West End Spicebush Gin, Pimm's, fresh lemon & cucumber, bitters

Classic Cocktails

Eleven Square Dry Gin, Luxardo Maraschino & violette liqueurs, fresh lemon
Bee’s Knees
Eleven Square Dry Gin, honey syrup & fresh lemon
Cider 75
Eleven Square Dry Gin, dry Cider, fresh lemon
Daquiri Diplomatico
Diplomatico Rum, fresh lime, simple syrup
Dickle Rye, Cocchi di Torino, Angostura & house orange cardamom bitters
Moscow Mule
Eleven Square Vodka, fresh ginger & lime, hopped grapefruit bitters
Old Fashioned
Elijah Craig, simple syrup, Angostura & house orange cardamom bitters
George Dickel Rye, Peychaud’s, simple syrup, absinthe mist
West End Sidecar
West End Distillery 7 Year Apple Brandy, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon, house bitters

All cocktails made with 2 oz. spirits pour, fresh fruit juices, house-made syrups, infusions & bitters.

Eats & Sips

Build a plate with our locally sourced cheese & meat, house-made pickled veggies etc. We also welcome you to bring food or have something delivered

Athens’ Own Aged Cheddar
Served with Stacy's Pita Chips and a side of house giardiniera
Athens’ Own Hot Spiced Cashews
Great on their own or added to a cheese tray. Spicy goodness
Athens’ Own Summer Sausage
An aged spicy "trail" summer sausage, Athens County all Angus beef.
Hammond’s Pretzels
Handmade hard pretzel from the experts in Lancaster, PA. Side of mustard optional
Pork n. Pickles Veggies, 8oz
Spicy Carrots or Pickled Cauliflower
Stacy’s Pita Chips
Utz Dirty Chips
Salt n Pepper or Sea Salt
West End Pickled Veggies, 12oz
Housemade pickled veggies packed in keepsake jar
West End Pickled Veggies, side
A side serving of our house made pickled veggies
West End Sips
Ask a bartender about our house sodas & ades, cold or hot coffee, Mexican Coke & Fevertree sodas
price varies

Ready for Take Out

B-Yard Cider, Semi-Sweet Ohio Blend
16 ounce can. Named in honor of the Athens West rail yard
16 ounce can. semi-dry cider infused with English Breakfast black tea
Cherry Cider
16 ounce can
Ciderhouse 75
187mL can. 11sq. Dry Gin, lemon, Kelly's Dry
Ciderhouse Collins
187mL can. 11sq. Vodka, lemon, house pomegranate cider
Ciderhouse Margarita
187mL can. El Jimador, Cointreau, lime, cider
Double Berry Cider
16 ounce can
Kelly’s Dry Ohio Blend
16 ounce can
Melon Cooler
187mL can. Bourbon, Ancho Reyes, watermelon, lemon, mint, Hellfire bitters
Moscow Mule
187mL can. 11sq Vodka, fresh lime & ginger, house bitters
Pawpaw Cider
16 ounce can
Pear Cider
16 ounce can
Porch Swing
187mL can, Featured Cocktail. West End Spicebush Gin, Pimm's, fresh lemon & cucumber, bitters
Red Rose
16 ounce can. Pomegranate Hibiscus Rosehips Cider
The Sauce, Pineapple Cider
16 ounce can
Zingiber Cider
16 ounce can. fresh ginger & lemon