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Deanna Schwartz is the Owner/Founder of this new Athens “winery”, as cider is technically a wine by Ohio law. Deanna has developed a taste for high-end beers, ciders, and liquors since she began hanging with producers in the mid to late ’90s. Her goal is to focus on the production of hard ciders at her operation, but she is leaving room to play with wine, fruit wines, meads, cysers, melomels, metheglins, and any local sugar source that could use a yeast addition. She plans on serving many beers, spirits, and wines that meet her quality expectations along with her house-made libations.

Deanna has begun the process of developing space at 234 West Washington Street in Athens as her production facility, tasting space and tavern. She hopes to be open in April 2014.

Consultant and fermentation expert Kelly Sauber has been brought in to help set up the operation, provide production equipment needs, training and much sage advice.

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