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Athens West End Distillery Malt Whiskey

May 11, 2021

Our first barrel of Malt Whiskey is made from 100% Organic 2-row barley from

Briess Organics. This grist was mashed and lautered then fermented. This ferment

was distilled twice, starting with a wash run with no cuts then the second and final

rectification run with 4 cuts, keeping the 3 rd cut we call the hearts. This white

whiskey was put into two new 30 gallon, #3 char Barrel Mill white oak barrels on

2/29/2016 at 69% abv . We dumped one barrel 4/27/2021 and ended with 21

gallons of 73% spirit. The blend started 4/28/21 using Athens Ohio reverse osmosis

water cutting the whiskey to 45%abv.

We bottled on 5/7/2021 and ended with 167 bottles serial numbered 1-167.

The sister barrel of the same spirit, also in a 30 gallon barrel, will sit another year or

two before we package.

Some of you may notice a bit of “fluff” or a hazy cloud in our barrel aged products.

This Malt Whiskey is no different. This is a product of various phenols, esters, fatty

acids and proteins that develop from the ingredients and process. They are soluble

in alcohol but insoluble in water, so develop when the product is cut to bottling

strength. These provide much of the flavor in all spirits.

Why Cloudy Whisky Isn’t Flawed

Large distilleries cold filter to remove this haze, due to concern that consumers will

find this to be a fault or flaw in the whiskey. In reality many experts believe cold

filtration alters the flavor and mouthfeel of the whiskey and prefer their whiskey to

not be cold filtered.

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