Mash Bills, Aging and Bottle Dates

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Athens West End Distillery

Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Mash Bill:

55% Open pollinated, yellow dent, field corn grown by Cowdery Family Farms in Longbottom Ohio.

45% Organic 2-row barley malt from Briess Organics in Chilton Wisconsin


Barreled 60 gallons on 12/9/2015 in two, thirty-gallon Barrel Mill #3 char barrels at 65% ABV

Dumped 42 gallons on 6/9/2022 at 78 months, 63% ABV


335 Bottles on 6/22/2022 at 45% ABV

Serial Numbers: 259-597


Mash Bill:

45% Briess Organic 2-row malt

55% Cowdery non-gm, yellow dent, open pollinated, field corn


Barreled 7/17/2013

53 Gallon Independent stave company. Coopers Select Number three Char American Oak 68%

Dumped 7/20/2020

38 gallons of spirit at 68%

Add RO 16 gallons


274 bottles. 18 FE. 256 WE

Serial numbers 1-256

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