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Bottles released July 14, 2023

Athens West End Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 77 months

Aged in Independent Stave Company #3 Char, 53 gallon, Coopers Select barrel, with 18 month

seasoned staves, for 6 1/2 years in our Meigs rickhouse. Barrel was filled with 65% raw spirit on

1/11/2017. Dumped 7/11/2023. After aging 78 months we ended with 42 gallons at 65%.

Mash Bill: 55% Cowdery Family Farm Yellow Dent, Open Pollinated, non-GM Field Corn / 45%

Briess Organics 2-Row Malted Barley. No rye. It’s a “malted” bourbon.

Produced in the Irish whiskey style of mashing the grains and then sparging/lautering and

fermenting the wort, the same technique used in beer production. Fermenting and distilling

just the liquid with no solids makes for a clean, smooth and flavorful spirit.

Not the most efficient method for sugar extraction, but worth the effort!

Distilled in two passes, with the first wash run in our pot still with no cuts to concentrate

everything, and the final rectification in our column still.

Bottled 7/13/23 at 45%ABV. Total of 301 bottles. Serial numbers 598-899.

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