West End Ciderhouse

The West End Ciderhouse began, as many dreams do, in long conversations over tall drinks. On the porch of a farmhouse in Meigs County, Ohio, co-founders Kelly Sauber partner Deanna Schwartz began to imagine a bar: a place where they could not only showcase their talents in the crafting of spirits but also share and spread their passion for hard cider.

With a simple mission: to ferment traditional, farmhouse-style ciders from Ohio apples and to share them with their friends and neighbors, the two set out on their journey. In 2013 they began renovations on the historic West End Tavern, which had been empty for several years…

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West End Distillery

West End Distillery offers handcrafted spirits created from near-at-hand grains, fruits, herbs, and roots. West End Ciderhouse zymurgist Kelly Sauber creates high quality distilled spirits made from all-natural ingredients farm-raised or wild-harvested close to the distillery. As a distiller, West End Distillery is able to fulfill the wish to “know our growers.” After a long renovation & permit process, West End Distillery began production in 2019, a block or so from the West End Ciderhouse

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